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Christmas Music



Star of Bethlehem - An original work, paired with an old spiritual, Behold That Star, and arranged for SATB with optional Soprano solo.  Listen for strains of a very old children’s song in the piano accompaniment.

Difficulty: Less difficult

Christmas Bells - a Catalonian song arranged for SA, with ranges appropriate for young voices.

Difficulty: Easy

Audio Transcription

God Is Good  “Magnificat” - The song of Mary arranged for SATB and soprano solo. Choir sings slow. sustained, chordal background to soprano solo.

Difficulty: Less difficult choir part, but the solo is challenging.

Audio Transcription

Born To Reign- an SATB  anthem, written as the finale to the (yet unpublished) Christmas Pageant by the same name. It is within the reach of the average volunteer church or school choir.

Difficulty: Moderate

Audio Transcription

Coventry Carol- a 16th century carol for SA accompanied by piano and other instruments. The hammer dulcimer part is an essential part of the arrangement, but could be played on another string instrument.

Audio Transcription

Coventry Ens.pdf - parts for string quartet plus flute and harp

Difficulty: Challenging for singers and instrumentalists

Come Praise & Sing- The Ukranian Bell Carol, arranged for 3-part mixed with original words by Peggy Carter. appropriate for church or school.

Difficulty: Moderate

Ukranian Instrumental parts for bells, harp, flute, oboe and hammer dulcimer.

Christmas Bells (Secular version) - a Catalonian song arranged for SA, with ranges appropriate for young voices. English language throughout with Public School-appropriate words. Range suitable for young voices with Melody in alto and a soprano descant.

Difficulty: Easy

Audio Transcription

Riu Riu SAT(C)B - SAT(C)B arrangement of an old Spanish carol, with a strictly secular text. The hand-claps, tambourene and rhythmic mixed meters promise an exciting performance.

Difficulty: challenging, and the rhythm is particularly challenging

Star of Hope- SSA, each part is a melody on its own, and put together in a 3-part harmonic style. In a legato style, this original work presents a message of peace and love.

Star of Hope - 3-part mixed voices, with the 3rd part written for boys’ changing voices, and an optional bass part. The style is legato and the message promises peace & love.

Difficulty: Moderate

Link to Star Of Hope

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Ukranian Bell Song - Arranged for 3-part mixed with original words by Peggy Carter. appropriate for church or school.

Difficulty: Moderate

Ukranian Bell Instrumental Ensemble

Two 16th Cent. Carols.pdf- an English Carol, “Coventry Carol,” 2-parts for mixed voices, and a Spanish Carol, “Riu Riu Chiu,”  3-parts for mixed voices, with sacred text in English, stating poetically why Christ came to Earth.

The minor mode of both tunes presents a common thread, but the contrast in styles creates interest. Coventry Carol is legato and chordal. In Riu Riu Chiu the rhythm is characterized by mixed meters, with hand-claps and tambourene adding an exciting dimension to the ensemble.

Difficulty: Quite Challenging

Let All Mortal Flesh- Unison  A prophecy of Christ’s birth in the style of a chant with open to modern chordal accompaniment.

Difficulty: Less difficult

Let All Mortal Flesh, SATB - prophecy of Christ’s birth in a setting which moves from chant to canon to block harmony with piano accompaniment that contrasts the style of the choral parts.

Difficulty: Moderate

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Carter Choral Collection

Carter Choral Collection of Music for Christmas addresses the needs of both church and school choirs. To see the full score and flip through the pages just click on the title. Listen to live recordings of some of the arrangements, or listen to Audio Transcriptions of the actual score (without voices) of any of the titles. 

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