Emma and Ella

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GG-ma Peggy

My grandaughter Erin is expecting twins! This was week 16. The twins have had a successful survival through week 31, however they are really wanting to make their debut ASAP.

The docs want to hold off for at least 2 more weeks to give them a better chance at surviving the elements outside the womb.

The family lives in DesMoines where they’ve had the benefit of very fine care. but because of a serious but specialized situation they had to make weekly trips to Minneapolis for a couple of months.

Mom quit her job to keep the babies comfortable and to give them a better chance. Dad is working all the overtime he can get. Big brother is also a special needs child that requires specialized care. The family is in dire straits financially.

I have started a fundraiser to give them a helping hand. I would like to raise about $3000 to help with their expenses. Several have already donated. I am doing this through my website so that the entire donation will go to the twins and not to a 3rd party payer.

If you can participate please msg. me with the amount and your credit card number. 713-906-1215. Or if you don’t trust that your information is safe this way, just call me at the same number and I can put it on your credit card through my dulcimer account.

If you can support them with prayers just email me and I will forward your prayers to Erin. Here’s the email address. SAMFest97@aol.com.

Erin carrying Emma and Ella

Now They’re HERE!!!

Erin was released from the hospital but went back today (9:30 this morning) for some tests. Its a growth scan, biophysical profile (to see how the girls are practice breathing [?] and measure body movement, muscle tone,) as well as a no stress test (watch heart rates and measure contractions). She is still having mild to moderate contractions but not consistent with “active labor.”

I don’t know enough to understand everything, but this just lets me know that the medical team is doing everything possible to give those babies the best chance of a healthy delivery.

If you can support them with prayers just email me and I will forward your prayers to Erin. Here’s the email address. SAMFest97@aol.com.

Emma and Ella update from Daddy

Cody Wheeler is with Lisa Carter Ellsworth and 20 others.

16 mins

Well we have been admitted back into the hospital with some more complications. Yesterday Erin was seen at the perinatal clinic and the doctor was concerned about baby B. Baby B has not gained much weight in the last 4-5 weeks (3oz) compared to baby A which has gained 1lb +, so it’s called Fetal growth restriction for baby B. She's at 6th percentile for growth. A is at 17th percentile. Anything under 10 percentile considered fetal growth restriction and warrants close monitoring and probably early delivery/emergency c-section. They also determined that my wife has lost 6 pounds and continues to have severe cramping and contractions, also still has protein in urine. They made the decision this morning to admit back to mercy. Im still a little irritated that the hospital did not solve these problems last time but we are back again and not leaving until they find a solution. I’m just praying to god the he looks after my wife and baby girls. Please send prayers. I will update everyone as we get any info

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GG-ma Peggy
 Here’s the latest.
G.G.-ma Peggy
 Here’s the latest.
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 Here’s the latest.
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Lisa (Grandma) just called...Erin (Mom) just delivered twins by C-section. Ella weighed in at 4.2 and Emma at 3.8.  Send prayer thoughts, or ask for info on fundraiser..... SAMFest97@aol.com.