Emma and Ella


Erin carrying Emma and Ella

Now They’re HERE!!!

Emma and Ella are home now with Mom and Dad and big brother Cayden. They are thriving and gaining weight.

Erin just sent these darling pictures. I’ll post more when I get them!

I started a fundraiser... The Emma and Ella Celebration Fund. We’re so thankful for these precious little ones. This sweet family is struggling with many unexpected expenses involved in bringing them into this world. Mom had to quit work to be able to deliver them healthy and happy, and now to continue their care.  Go to Facebook to donate. Any amount will be appreciated.

 Here’s the latest.
G.G.-ma Peggy
 Here’s the latest.
from Iowa!

Lisa (Grandma) just called...Erin (Mom) just delivered twins by C-section. Ella weighed in at 4.2 and Emma at 3.8.  Send prayer thoughts, or ask for info on fundraiser..... SAMFest97@aol.com.