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Hammer Dulcimer

HD - Square One Lessons with picture frames. Get off to a good start. – $25

HD-Hammer Hands, 6 Lessons teaching theory, techniques & embellishing, with 25 Novice/ Int. tunes. E-Book version $20. (video lessons also available.) Hard copy, $25.

HD - Keep On Hammering Continuing Lessons for Novice and Intermediate Players. $20

Hark Its Christmas for HD Favorites and lesser-known tunes for this special season. (Available only as an E-Book) - $25

Mt. Dulcimer

MD - Dynamic Dulcimer

Bk 1 and Bk. 2. Lessons progressing from 1st time beginner thru Intermediate Players – $20 each.

Sounds Of Christmas for MD: Favorites, and tunes you won’t find anywhere else. (Available as an E-Book) - $25

Dulcimer Ensemble

Dynamic Ensemble - Arrangements for Dulcimer solo or ensemble, with suggestions for bowed dulcimer and bowed psaltery.

Novice to Int. Level - $20

Jammin Up a Storm

Favorite Jam Tunes for HD and MD with chords for guitar and autoharp.- $25

Pay by check or credit card.

Email me (link below) or call for s/h charges and

to order. (281-370-9495)

Now its Ready......

The Celtic Hammer Dulcimer

ALL of Peggy’s arrangements of everything Celtic (Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and others)

$34.95 (including s/h)

To order, Use the form above and mail to: Peggy Carter

16142 Hexham Dr.

Spring TX 77379

or email me from the link below.


Call for s/h charges

Pay by  check or credit card.

Yes... its ALL the favorite jam tunes from all across the country... together in one volume, arranged by playing level... also a test to determine your J.Q. (Jam Quotient... that is, your playing level).

Standard notation for hammer dulcimer and all melody instruments, MD tab, and chords for guitar, bass and autoharp.

Here are 16 pages, but the book actually has 90 pages! 62 tunes!

Wanta use a credit card?

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2012 or 2013
Dulcimer Christmas Music
New Books for HD and MD

"Gospel Songs and Hymns, and Songs of Inspiration" - For Hammer Dulcimer (ALL the songs on "Shall We Gather" and many more) $20

"O'Carolan For Hammer Dulcimer" - (Many of your favorites ! Arrangements
on every level) $20

"Songs Of Faith" - Hymns & Gospel Songs for Mt. Dulcimer (100 pages of 
arrangements on every level) $25

Get ready for St. Patrick's Day  - "Celtic Music for Mt. Dulcimer" $25

Christmas Joy for Ensemble - Parts for HD, MD, Harp, Flute, Guitar
Not Available as a download. $20 plus s/h

A Dulcimer Christmas for Ensemble - Parts for HD, MD, Guitar and autoharp. Not Available as a download.  $20 plus s/h

Most books are  Available as E-Books. Email from the link below for instructions.  Email: haams77@gmail.commailto:haams77@gmail.comshapeimage_24_link_0 me (281)370-9495, or email and I’ll give you details, or take your order by credit card or check.mailto:haams77@gmail.comshapeimage_34_link_0

If you’re just getting started, and want to make sure you’re getting it right, I encourage you to try the Complete Learning  System for Dulcimer: “Square One” Book for HD or Dynamic Dulcimer Book for MD ($20.00) and DVD lessons for every page ($99.95)
Total $119.95