Testimonials & Endorsements

Testimonials & Endorsements

Gail Schwandt has endorsed your work and written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Peggy has been a presenter and main stage entertainer at our 40 year old festival held yearly in Michigan. As a teacher her classes are well structured and presented which leads to excellent attendence. She is a hit on the stage shows with her enthusiasm and sprited presentation on the hammered dulcimer. She is easy to work with and pays attention to detail. What can I say, when the students love her and crowds applaud her we'll continue to have her again and again. I would recommend Peggy with complete confidence.

Service Category: Musican/Entertainer and Teacher
Year first hired: 2001 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Recommendations as a teacher and performer.....

From Josh Messick 
(former student and 
winner of the 2008 National 
Hammer Dulcimer Championship)
"Peggy is a fantastic teacher and musician. I had the honor to study under her teaching and she helped guide me into learning music and learning the hammer dulcimer. She has a wonderful understanding of embellishments, the relational aspect of music, and music theory. 

As a teacher, she maintains an objective outlook and doesn't adhere to a singular, rigid teaching system. She has numerous teaching approaches and will tailor her teaching method to blend with her student's learning methods. Above all, Peggy helped me learn music, not simply the technical knowledge of music. 

As a performer, she is consistent in being on time, prepared, practiced, and professional. She takes her commitments seriously and with her whole heart. 
Peggy is a 
wonderful treat for your 
Sheila Wyborny endorses Peggy’s work as a teacher.

Peggy was a very supportive and patient teacher---despite my less than gifted musical abilities." 

Top Qualities: Expert, 
Good Value, 
Dottie Says:
Peggy delivers beyond expectations. She makes things happen with a smile and determination unequaled in her field. I had been told she could not teach me to play the dulcimer because I read music and most people play this instrument by ear. Well, guess what. I've taken many private lessons with Peggy and am also a web-member of her online dulcimer "school." I CAN play the dulcimer and am getting better every day by following her instruction and helpful tips. She offers a very detailed monthly newsletter with videos and printed materials that make the lessons easy to understand and enjoy. She spends many hours getting her monthly offerings in perfect condition. Then she asks if things are performing as expected. When an occasional glitch has appeared, Peggy has it fixed within a very short time. 
Peggy is an A+ business woman who does what she promises." 
Service Category: teacher/instructor
Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Details of the Recommendation: "Peggy Carter is an energetic and enthusiastic hammered dulcimer performer, teacher and organizer of events."
From Dan Evans (Teacher and performer on the Lap Dulcimer, who lives in the UK)

I met Peggy and her husband Chuck when I played at her SAMFest folk festival in Houston, Texas in 2001. The festival was friendly and very well organized and I enjoyed myself enormously – in fact it was a highlight of my career. Many artists that I know are sad about the demise of SAMFest – it was such a good event. I also got to visit with Peggy and Chuck and got to know them a little at that time. Their enthusiasm for folk music in general and dulcimers in particular is only matched by their support to the local music scene and dulcimers player beyond. Peggy is herself an accomplished and knowledgeable musician and plays both types of dulcimer with a broad repertoire. I particularly like her hammer dulcimer playing, which is vibrant and versatile. Thank you Peggy – it was a great trip. 

Karen Ashbrook, independent musician

has endorsed Peggy’s  work as CEO at Peggy Carter Music Industries.

Justin Marquez shares this recommendation of Peggy’s work.

"I can heartily endorse Peggy for all things musical. She is a great leader, player and teacher - especially for all kinds of dulcimers!

Ricko Donovan has written this recommendation of Peggy to share.

Peggy is a virtuoso on the hammered dulcimer- one of the best hammered dulcimer players in the nation. Her playing is both inspirational and daunting to her fellow hammered dulcimer players. In addition to both mountain and hammered dulcimer, Peggy is a well-rounded musician whose instruments include piano, voice, and bodhran.

She is a thorough and patient teacher as well as an outstanding professional performer."

Tish Westman has written this recommendation:

Peggy is very knowledgable about music and the instruments that she teaches others to play. 
She teaches workshops all over the country, sharing her love of music.

From Kate Moore:

Peggy Carter has  been a musical colleague and respected friend for  nearly two decades.  She is one of the most professional,  creative,  musical and entrepreneurial individuals I have ever met.  In addition to this, she has an energy level that surpasses any twenty year old I know.  Peggy is an all around top notch musician on piano, hammered dulcimar and voice.  She is a creative composer and arranger, having had  a number of works published by

Hal Leonard.  Students of all ages feel comfortable and motivated under her expert guidance. Rehearsals and performances are a joy with her. Anyone thinking of anything musical should think: 

Peggy Carter!

Bo Allison has written this recommendation to share with visitors to Peggy’s website.

Peggy is a gifted teacher and musician. She has written more music/tablature for the Mountain and Hammered Dulcimers than anyone I know in the field. She can also hold an audience in the palm of her hand at concerts. If you need to know anything about dulcimer, old time, and/or celtic music, you need to know Peggy Carter.