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Let Your Right Hand Know

Mt. Dulcimer Techniques for Right Hand and Left Hand

Mt. Dulcimer:
Scales in DAA & DAD
Video Work_On_Technique_files/MD%2004%20Scales%20for%20DAD%20%26%20DAA%2851%29%20-%20Medium.m4v
MD Theory & Technique - VideoWork_On_Technique_files/MD%20Theory%20%26%20Technique%20-%20Medium.m4vWork_On_Technique_files/MD%20Theory%20%26%20Technique%20-%20Medium.m4vWork_On_Technique_files/MD%20Theory%20%26%20Technique%20-%20Medium_1.m4vshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1
HD Scales and Techniques for All Levels VideoWork_On_Technique_files/HD%20SCALES%20%26%20TECHNIQUE%20FOR%20ALL%20LEVELS%20-%20Medium.m4v
HD Theory and 

Becoming a GOOD player of the hammer dulcimer or the mt. dulcimer depends on developing the right skills and techniques. A knowledge of music theory is helpful. Below I’ve included some theory and technique pages from my instructional books for the hammer dulcimer and the mt. dulcimer. I hope you find this helpful.

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HD “Decorate“ with Grace Notes Trills and TurnsDecorate_the_Melody.html