Performance Tunes

Here are some tunes, good for ANY time of year. If you need help with any of them, give me a call: 713-906-1215

MD Tunes

HD Tunes

Click on the image of the sheet music to open PDF and print music.

Black Nag - Int 2

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Big Liza Jane (Beg.2)

Suo Gan DAD (Beg.2)

Cluck Ol’ Hen DAD (capo 1st)


John Stinson (3 ways)


Wherever He Leads I’ll go

(as played on video)

Tom Dula DAD - Novice

Llydaw,John Stinson and Black Nag are in the new book, “Theory, Technique and  Tunes.” 150 pages + 3 topical indices and a 20-page supplement for $35 as an E-book. To order, email: