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MD Lesson CDs & DVDs may help you learn essential skills and techniques, as well as learn some favorite tunes.

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Learn to Play from Square One


Complete Learning  System for Dulcimer: “Square One” Book for HD or Dynamic Dulcimer Book for MD ($20.00) and DVD lessons for every page ($99.95)

Total $119.95

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To order Lessons Email me at haams77@gmail.com with the name of the videos you want, including which list they were on (Technique, Lessons, Quickies, etc.) and the Total $$. Let me know if you want to pay by check or credit card. I will send you a link to the videos and give you my address for checks, or instructions for sending me your credit card numbers.

New: I have audio files for ALL the tunes in my files...(mp3 files) for $.99 ea. The minimum order is 10 tunes. Just email me at haams77@gmail.com and Tell me which tunes you want and I’ll send them to you with payment options. If all you need is just to hear the tune the way it is written in the sheet music this may be just right for you.

If you’re looking for sheet music and/or tablature for any song, write me. Chances are pretty good that I have it. All of my tunes are available. you can get 5 tunes for $15 if I've already arranged them. None of these lists are complete, so feel free to inquire If you want one that's not on my list, the price is $10 per page for a custom arrangement. Click HERE for a page that lists a lot of my sheet music.

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Order Lesson Videos From the Lists Below