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I’ve attached a list of Duos, One list is for MD and HD (or any other melody instrument), the other for 2 MDs. The prices are on the list. If you want a harmony arrangement of something not on the list let me know. The price for these “custom” arrangements is $10 per page.

         Duos For MD and HD.pdf                                                                                            Duos for MD $10 and up

There is also a book of HD duos & trios. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in I’ll send you the tune list for that book. Email me.

Do you ever need 2-part music (melody + harmony)?

Hammer Dulcimer Music

Mountain Dulcimer Music

Dulcimers & Accessories

Everything you need.....

Instruments (New and Used) - Cases (for MDs, Autoharps, Bowed Psalteries) - Stands - Books - CDs - DVDs - Electronic Tuners- Straps - Picks and Hammers

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New Page! Skills & Techniques for HD and MD
Music and videos to help players improve their skills.....Work_On_Technique.html

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Novice HD

Beginner MD

Intermediate HD

Intermediate MD

Suzanna Gal EAA (Less Advanced Version

Suzanna Gal DAD (Advanced Version)

Lover’s Waltz and the Chord Exercise are both in the new “Theory, Technique & Tunes” book....150 pages + 3 topical indices and a 20 page supplement for $35. To order the book, email:

This is a standard fiddle tune that can be achieved by beginner/novice players with a little experience, but this arrangement has a syncopated variation that will challenge an Intermediate level player. My new book, “Theory, Technique and Tunes” has technique exercises to help with this technique. 150 pages + 3 topical indices and a 20 page supplement for $35. Order by emailing:

You can print these sample pages from the book. I hope you like it enough to order the whole book!